Special Rates & Customised Delivery Options for Large Accounts

As an established large customer you will benefit from an exceptional and tailored service:

By phone: 
We make it our goal to understand your packaging usage and needs and constructively support your business. Our Customer Development Team will work to answer any questions you have.

Our Chief Product Officers:
You will receive a dedicated Internal Executive and a Regional Chief Product Officer to manage your account. They will work to improve your packaging, negotiate contract pricing and introduce you to innovative and environmentally responsible products.

Make the most of your packaging budget with our contract deals, Save with contract pricing on your annual purchases or by consolidating the buying of your branches or multiple-site.

Consolidate your packaging and business supplies purchasing and receive discounted prices.

Our next working day delivery service lets you keep your storage space to a minimum. 

Our large stock means we can meet our daily orders, ensuring you get your product when you need it most. Easy payment options with our 15 day credit account You will be invoiced for any orders that you place and full receipt of payment will be required within 30 days of the invoice date. 

We can deliver multiple orders to multiple sites to save you time and money.Need a Quote on Ware Supplies, Packaging Tools, Packaging Consumables or Packaging Automation then Call us on +91 7622800900 or write to us at cs[@]pfpstore[.]com

We guarantee to get back to you within 24 hours!

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